I can't believe I did that today!

Today .... *smh*

Today I did what I thought I would never ever do, let alone forget to do, let alone be ok with it by the time I got home #crylaugh

One major reason I started Bell+Whistle in case you didn't already know was to build confidence in myself and who I am, but to also share this journey to help my fellow females in their own self image struggles. I have struggled with self confidence my whole life stemming from growing up in a household of 3 sisters and the mean kids at school.  

I am the woman who goes through 8 wardrobe changes and repeats the ones I liked to finally settle on an outfit in round 3 of try ons before I leave the house on any given day. 

I am the woman who has to do her hair perfectly even just to run and grab a coffee because what would people think about me and my messy mom bun!? 

I am the woman who constantly nit picks her body imperfections because she can't see her body beauty being blinded by the societal pressure to be thinner. 

and lastly I am the woman who can never ever leave the house until I put my face on!

and guess what.... I FORGOT MY FACE TODAY!

I'm not by any means at beauty blogger level, I keep things simple with a foundation, eyeliner (top only), mascara, and a neutral everyday shade lipstick. I never leave home without my face, but somehow it happened today and let me tell you how quickly my anxiety reared it's ugly head. I didn't even notice I had zero makeup on until I was already inside the grocery store. My first thought was drop everything and run out of there immediately! My second thought... was the reel of "girls be like with no make up" memes rolling through my head


And as hilarious as these are sometimes they are equally as difficult to not feel like they're true, there are literally thousands more meme's just like these. Just as I was about to give in and leave a woman smiled at me and kept on shopping. Wait a second... She didn't realize I look like a turtle today? another lady stops to say hello to us and say how cute my daughter Lily is. Thank you Lily says, I'm shopping with my mom today. Still no mention or hint of thinking I look like a turtle. Lily didn't say I look like a turtle either...I was definitely a puppy earlier and a manta ray yesterday. My anxiety subsides and Lily distracts me. Before I know it we're checking out and heading home. 

At home I rush to the mirror to reveal the hideous monster who went shopping, knowing we need to probably sell the house and move immediately.

But...It was just me looking back. sun kissed and a little freckled on the nose from all the yard work. Messy mom bun. Giggling away at how rediculous I was today. Even though I cannot believe I forgot my face today, and I felt totally sick to my stomach, I'm really happy it happened. I can finally get over this fear, this need to conform to society views of women being prettier with makeup and just breathe, and take a step closer to being the best most confident version of me I can be.

It's so stressful when you have personal doubts and in this case being it in my physical appearance it was toxic and I hated feeling like that. I contemplated sharing my awful experience but know that I am probably not alone in this and bell+whistle was my promise to share my struggles with you. I try to remind myself everyday that I don't need to change my clothes a hundred times, I am beautiful and I don't need to worry or care about what anyone else thinks or says. Just be you! Now I can add you don't need makeup to that! 

Remind yourself everyday too! Try not wearing makeup out (if you don't already) even just one time and see how you feel. My "try out no makeup" was more like a cold turkey-rip the band aid off experience but I'll take it or I probably would never have done it on my own. hmm food for thought. 

Much love beauties!

Share your makeup and non makeup stories with me in the comments! How do you overcome your personal fears and anxieties in situations like this? 

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